AirBnB 'Omicron' Variant Cancellation Issue

Well like I've said, I'm not even arguing about that anymore. If they accept that reasoning, I'd be glad and I hope they do, but that's about it. The main problem here I am indicating is that the host was generous enough to offer retaining only 30% and that is what we agreed on.

What was processed by the AirBnB was a 52% refund, and possibly avoiding communications, or at best, incompetence, as they promised an immediate or a "very soon" call back from a case manager.

And let's be clear about there being 'no reason for being upset.' Yes, there is a reason to be upset about this situation. What your comment seems to base off of is that I'm claiming this situation is unjustifiable or unfair, which definitely is not what I am saying.

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