Aita for telling my 8 year old step daughter what a stripper was & saying she could do it as a job when she was older when she asked me if she could?

Reposted because I thought the mod message was for me:

Jesus christ, what is wrong with you? It isn't your place to be telling someone else's kid about anything related to sex, religion, death, or politics. My god, how can anybody be so clueless? What if she keeps saying she wants to be a stripper for long enough that it becomes a major embarrassment down the line? How are you gonna feel when everyone figures out you are the one who put this idea in the mind of a little girl?

Innocence is one of the only things we can never get back. Let her be innocent she is just a kid! The world robs us all of our innocence somehow, why do you have to rush it? I am honestly disgusted with your actions and your stubborn refusal to see how you fucked up.

Stripping is not something that normal women get into. Almost every sex worker I have ever known was either molested as a kid or otherwise sexually tampered with and mentally ruined in that regard. Why the fuck would you tell a sweet little girl with the whole world in front of her about this? I actually hate you a little bit.

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