Alex Ovechkin Is the first this season to score 50 goals

OK, well let's look at it from another angle. You nearly choked at the idea when I said that it could be argued that Giroux is a better player than Ovie. I (and many other Philly fans) have been disappointed by Giroux's performance numbers in the playoffs. But if you analyze them, they are actually better than Ovechkin's:

2009 - 5pts. in 6 games (sub par in my opinion, but it was his first playoff appearance) 2010 - 21 pts in 23 games (good consistency and production, but a point a game is really what you need from your best guys to win - seriously) 2011 - 12 pts in 11 games (about the same) 2012 - 17 pts in 12 games (Pretty darn good for a high ranked Vet) 2013/14 - 6 pts in 7 games (Meh)

Overall he had 61 points in 57 games with a higher PPG than Ovechkin - right? Or am I wrong on this? To my knowledge no one considers Giroux to be a playoff powerhouse. The Philly sports writers have been on his ass, the fans have been on his ass. G is a great player. So why is it that because Ovechkin has 61 points in 58 playoff games all the Caps fans think this is some God like accomplishment??? We expect our top scorers to do this in the playoffs - and really more - there is no way to win if they don't.

As a comparison (as much as people also want to hate him) look at some of Crosby's numbers - they are sick.

2008 - 27 pts in 20 games (sick) 2009 - 31 pts in 24 games (insane) 2010 - 19 pts in 13 games (pretty damn good) 2013 - 15 pts in 14 games (good, but expected)

The difference is crystal clear to me. And no surprise his name is on the cup.

Dude are your freakin' kidding me on the +/- ???? That is the whole point of the stat. It shows exactly who the best unselfish players are on the teams and I would not necessarily expect it to be a marquee star. You said yourself at some point that Ovechkin's failure to win a cup is because of the team behind him. +/- shoots that whole notion down and it clearly shows who the best team players are. Ovie's +/- is actually pretty high this season (+11?) The guy is having a good run - let's which version of him shows up in the playoffs...

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