All prohibition of drugs does is enrich drug cartels and cause violence in the streets between rival gangs. Biden made a good first step in weed pardoning, but if we want to end cartels and stop the 70k+ fentanyl deaths a year we need to legalize all drugs, including Ibogaine/Ayahuasca for addiction

I’m almost offended you can make such claims with so little knowledge about the subject. I’ll try to keep this short, but considering I’ve been studying cartel history for years, I might ramble a bit.

But you’re wrong. The CIA did not “flood” the US with cocaine. The CIA brought in cocaine for less than 2-years, while the Medellin Cartel was already active and at its peak. Now, that doesn’t negate what the CIA did, but nonetheless, what you’re saying is historically inaccurate. The Medellin Cartel controlled 80% of the US cocaine trade, and the Cali Cartel, Pablo’s rivals, controlled the rest. The CIA could barely handle a 500lb load, whereas the Colombians were sending 1-2 tons at a time.

You are giving the CIA far too much credit here, and it’s kind of making me cringe. You are making such strong claims with no idea of how it works. You just said the “CIA controls the cartels”. Well, that’s wrong. If I ask you how many cartels are currently active, you’ll have to go to google to find out. If I ask you how they operate, which owns control what territory, who are the leaders, and what are the societal causes, you’ll go to google. So, what I’m saying is, you have no idea what you’re talking about. This is probably the one topic I can run circles around anyone about.

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