Almost all religious people pick and choose what they like from the Bible, and ignore the parts they don't like/ don't believe is relevant. This completely defeats the purpose of a holy book that is meant to be the word of God.

I’m a Catholic, but I’m also very interested in atheism and other religions. That curiosity lead me here.

After scrolling through this community, I find your post ironic. The majority of this community is about picking and choosing the bad parts of religion and ignoring anything that is positive about religion. This is something that everyone is guilty of, religious or not.

The Bible can be clear but it can also be interpreted in many different ways. This can lead to what you described above.

I don’t know how atheists respond to a religious person commenting here but hopefully my opinions are welcome. If you ever have any questions about Christianity then I can answer them, a lot of people are a bit confused here. And no, I’m not trying to “convert” anyone lol. I’m just trying to have a peaceful discussion.

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