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Histoire Description master in mastering audio i am patrice english man in indian ocean .deejay engeering sound mickaelgrimm. Présentation Who I am? DJ Michael Grimm / garnier l techno passes his youth on the island of Reunion ( guetta david to run ) where it is bercpar songs sun, boats melodies, sound, zouk and warm atmosphere. Family, it bathes in a musical world: large pre saxophonist, a DJ garnier ( cousin ) techno who show me technical dj set in france auvergne+guetta cousin (auvergne) mix playa 974 when me i was a little + francis //// . Naturally, Mickael takes got this universe. At 14, he studied synth, but very quickly he chose to turn to the mix. He first taught himself, with its solfge databases that help analyze a piece, understand its construction, meet its tempo ... As dou, his parents achtent him all the Equipment for the perfect DJ: mixer, CD players, turntables ... The Dijing becomes a passion that fills his spare time, so it is the rapidly sollicitsur to animation, the feasts family birthdays and other ... Both enchanent the evenings entertainment for one year. DJ Mickael acquired a solid experience in the most prestigious clubs Runion: all warm up : The Tent, Rally, the Pussycat, Moulin Rouge, the Refuge, the Africaqueen the Bug Bar ... L, become familiar with all styles of music: electro, house, and gnraliste music he loves ... He particulirement both single animations during entires nights as warm up DJ International as Djulz, Charles Schillings, DJ Flex, DJ Assad Carreta ... He takes the scale plays for a birthday evening NRJ, mixes live radio, hosts party raves, weddings ... and begins to be heard. His return to metropolis in 2006 motivpar the urge to connatre other musical horizons, to imprgner new trends and broaden its notoriety. He worked for a year RESULT BY CLUB OCEADE Lorient. Since his arrival Lyon, he has repeatedly mix o TITAN he plays the music of the 80s gnraliste in an energetic and funky style. When asked what sensations he wants to get his music, he responds without hesitation, "I want to give strong vibration to people." DJ Mickal perfectly mastered the technique, he quickly mix which gives his music a sense of fluidity. The pieces enchanent like a musical suite. His pace is explosive dynamics and choices diversifis with preference for clubbing. In the future, he would like to compose himself and his pieces from the roads of France and Europe to mix don't recopied ! is redaction whit script autorbiographical journalist . formal interdictions. thanks you .

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