The Chinese Government Is Building Affordable Housing in Brooklyn

  1. Half doesn't mean "same building segment". You can still get the same advantages as with exclusively affordable developments, as long as you don't intersperse the units.

Hence you're saying the so called "poor door" is what makes it affordable?

  1. Because bankers are scared (ie, paid to err on the conservative side). They still won't lend to certain areas, so places like the South Bronx and East New York are still red-lined by lenders and the capital costs remain excessive in those areas. Those are the areas where you can profit just as much from market-rate as from affordable. So, I'm not saying you can earn just as much money doing affordable than when you do market-rate, but I am saying people aren't doing it because banks don't allow for it in the places where the the ROI would be similar or even higher (given gentrification, and the stockpiling of Inclusionary Bonus Certificates).

I guess it's good that bankers are scared since it was their recklessness which caused the housing crisis. They loaned to people who couldn't afford it, and bet on too many risky assets. Now that the government is pushing banks to lend again, do you think they should loosen their restrictions? There's still many half built developments, and gentrification isn't happening everywhere.

  1. NYCHA has a lot of structural issues to deal with. I'm game for this convo if you'd like me to delve deeper, but redux version is: understaffing, political climate, lack of support from development officials, and the net results of their inability to evict people who are currently living in oversized units that they would no longer qualify for. If NYCHA was allowed to carry out their infill proposals, with no roadblocks, they'd be solvent in less than 10 years.

Sure, delve deeper. I wouldn't mind fully understanding why NYCHA is such a money pit. I've spoke with a few landlords who basically say this city forces affordable housing on them, yet fail to compensate them for money lost. From what I see and from what you say in regards to inability to evict/political climate, this city makes affordable housing unaffordable to landlords which is why people aren't building or investing in it. I personally believe that 1 - 2% rent increases is bullshit due to inflation being higher. What would you suggest to make this city more affordable without shafting landlords and market rate renters?

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