Am I reading this wrong, or is my wife just being an asshole?

I didn't mean to make it sound like her need for non-sexual intimacy was less than his by calling it a "want" instead of a "need", so I've edited it to call them both needs. The point stands that he expressed his need and she just decided that her need came first and his could be ignored without even addressing it.

it sounds like she was completely down to have sex but wanted cuddling first

No it doesn't. That's you reading what you want to into it. If she was "completely down" then why was she "having none of it" once he initiated foreplay?

or maybe wanted to cuddle and see how she felt about sex afterward

Or maybe had no interest at all and was just telling him to forget about sex and cuddle her because her needs are more important. If we're just exploring the realms of possibility here, isn't it possible that that's what she thought?

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