I am tired of my parents

Stay strong and learn to deal with them. I don't mean to make light of your problems but the choclate incident you described just shows that your parents are just venting out their frustrations on you. Don't be disheartened by something like this so much so that you want to cry.

Let me tell you about my father's bullshitery. Last year, I cracked a competition exam and got accepted into a decent National Institute of Technology (NIT) for a Post Graduation course. When the time came to pay the admission fees, my father refused to pay it saying things like "Kuch nahi kar paega itna padh likh kar yeh. Phaaltu paisa wastage hai". He wanted me to help him out on our General Store and eventually take over it instead of pursuing higher education.

"Yeh log padh likh kar sab bahaar nikal jaae aur paisa saara hm bhare?!! Jab hamaara budhapaa aaega tab saale hme puchenge bhi nahi!". He shouted this. Eventually my mother and my brother convinced him to pay the fees. My brother also offered to pay the fees in case he refused. But he literally threw the money at my face when my mother reasoned with him that the college I was accepted into was very good, even if it wasn't an IIT.

My father has also been obnoxiously bugging my brother over getting married with the "Log kya kahenge" bullshit. However, my brother is financially independent, which makes all the difference.

I imagine many other people here have had to deal with their stupid parents over life changing things like education, jobs and marriage.

As for the Hindu Muslim bullshit, just ignore them. Their minds are probably being poisoned by political propaganda on WhatsApp. My father is the same. Everything bad is the fault of Muslims according to him. You cannot reason with a person blinded by hate. Never make the mistake of discussing Hindu-Muslim politics with your family.

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