Amazon Restriction - Story - What to do now?

I'm seeking advice on a recent restriction slapped on me by the folks over at Amazon. Here's the story : I spent a while sorting through Alibaba, contacting suppliers, getting quotes, ETC. ETC. ETC. and found a great product (I thought so). Vintage Edison Light Bulbs. Small, fragile (but well packed from the manufacturer) so I wasn't too worried about them breaking. I didn't order samples as I asked for lots of pictures from them and I went ahead and placed an order for 800 units. They were great quality and only ~10 or so broke in transit. I repackaged them in boxes of 4 and wen't ahead to sell them as multipacks (4 per box). After they were sent to an Amazon warehouse I began to run PPC campaigns, eventually to a 20% ACOS where I began to turn a profit. One day after selling $110 worth of product (OK this may not seem like a lot to you, but after just two or three weeks of them being up this was acceptable to me), the product suddenly disappeared off of Amazon. Our sales had been gradually increasing up to this point and it was getting exciting. I was sure to follow all of Amazon's rules on restricted products, no fraudulent reviews, etc. Our feedback had been 5 stars and everything was going great. We had ordered 60W Bulbs and Amazon made a new requirement + assigned the restriction team to take down all 60W incandescent light bulbs without prior notice. Now we can only sell 45W or less.... This leaves us with a bunch of inventory on our hands. I feel fortunate as I was just about to order a large quantity of these from the manufacturer because of them selling well (ha). I've already contacted seller support and they basically said tough luck twice now. Do I try to wait it out and see if this case can be reversed or should I just clear out inventory as Amazon is running that cheap removal special? Is this typical of Amazon, should I have seen it coming?

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