AMD Could Triple Market Share Amid Crippling Intel CPU Shortages

As someone who's invested in AMD I'm happy people interested in hardware think this. It means there's still a long way for the stock to run.

It's been suggested that the real reason Krzanich was canned was because he said "we're aiming to stop AMD getting 20% of the server market."

They're currently at something like 1-2% and are expecting to get 5% by the end of this year.,37273.html

If even the Intel is worried about AMD getting big numbers, and those are just what they're saying they're trying to stop, though we've yet to see anything that'll fight them on any front, why do you think you know better?

Before you say "pfft, that's just the server market", that's also where the profit is. Consumer chips have lower margins.

Yeah mhm they'll jump to 60% before Intel does anything about it.

Personally I won't be prepared to run a 1100w air conditioning unit along with my desktop but maybe that's just me. Intel's floundering in a big way. They'll have nothing to compete until at least 2020, maybe 2021 or later.

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