The American's comment on this Steam review.

How is it racist? Outline that for me? If I had the capacity to house a family of Syrian refugees I would. As I donate clothing food and time to local food banks and homeless shelters. I spent 4 months in Haiti after it was devastated and spent 11 months traveling abroad Africa in some of the most heavily populated Muslim areas working as an assistant to a physician from Thiland. Saying " Muslim invasion " doesn't constitute racisim. I welcome anyone who would come to America with the best intent. It's horrible that so many people in the Middle East are being pushed around like unwanted cattle. But it's also another thing to use that movement as a guise to infiltrate areas and plan terrorist attacks and rape and beat innocent people within their own country when these people were welcomed with open arms. Once again, you don't know me And I you. But basic observations of someone you can have no idea about and assumptions based on text shouldn't lead any sane person to any finite conclusion on ones racial epitaphs. I'm a 30 year old man whome has two degrees, one from university in Geneva and whome has spent a majority of his life traveling and helping anywhere I could. Wether it be my own countrymen or others, or the so called enemy. Humanity on every level has a capacity for good and evil. But to point a finger and say something with utter confidence is ambiguous and nieve. I've helped mothers and fathers physically move the pieces of their loved ones off the side of roads in Iraq, and they died at the hands of their own people. And sometimes allies forces. And I felt regret, pain and remorse every single time. So unless you have seen war and lived it. You can't really complain or begin to understand what it does to someone. Setting back and yelling at the world for being stupid doesn't help the problem it just makes you look like a useless prick. (Not point at you) Something so many seem to accomplish all over the world who have never shed a tear or blood for someone other than them self. I understand the horrible journey these people have ahead of them, but do you? Or do you "say" you do?

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