Anon is a Boomer

Not really, humans from every era are 95% trash. We just remember and idolize the notable figures from that generation while forgetting about all the human garbage. It’s like how only the most popular songs from every era has survived. Everyone always complains about how shitty current music is because they compete it to classics, by realizing the shit on everyday radio back then was total trash as well. You just don’t remember it, nobody does, cause it was trash.

The millennials will be lauded as genius thinkers, because there are tons innovative tech geniuses solving the worlds problems. 99% of millennials are fucking worthless retards. But so was gen X, the boomers, and “the greatest generation”. Humans on average are just trash wastes of space that will never accomplish anything notable in their lives. That’s a universal truth, it has nothing to do with generations.

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