AntiElitz AMA


Did you develop your assembly line layouts yourself or did you learn them from someone/somewhere?

Most of the stuff shown in the run are designs I came up with myself (80%), while few of them are improvements to designs I saw somewhere else(20%) (looking at you thuejk and sonie2k). I think there is no design that is taken from someone else without any changes tho (unless the obvios every is come up with himself anyways).

(follow-up) How do you go about developing/tweaking those assembly lines for speedruns compared to our regular games?

I try to optimize them for building speed, while one tries to optimize ratio or size in casual game. I mostly try different designs and meassure the time it takes to set up to find the lowest possible. If you have played with mods, what's your favorite?

My favorite Mod is my own, UPS-up. I created it for a reason ;). Remove tree Colision is a great mod too I think. For plannung speedruns the creative mode has become a superior tool.

Are you looking forward to 0.15 with its new fluid mechanics and bunches of nice fixes, or are you dreading it because its going to complicate research oh so much?

I'm looking forward to it! I like that things are getting mixed up a bit. I don't really mind the fluid mechanics tho. However, even tho I like the idea of the research overhaul a lot, I also think there are some design flaws with the research recieps, but we don't know the details yet, so let's see.

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage and what is the best food to pair with it?

I love "Wheat-beer" and "Cuba Libre" . Jäger-schnitzel (Pork with mushroom sauce) is the best dish anyways, whatever you drink ;)

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