Any plans to actually fix the issues that popped up with heists?

I ran into a strange problem shortly after the heists were released where I was locked out of my garages and homes and when I tried to enter them my game would freeze or lock up. From what I know thru 1st hand experience with this bug, is that it will destroy your ability to play online. Now for some out there, they may not have found a fix for it yet. The following is my description of the problem, and how I fixed it.

After the updates were released a friend of mine created a brand new crew to go into the heists with. I joined it reluctantly, as did several others, and for several of us we found that by joining this crew, we were now either locked in, or out, of our apartments and garages.

For those who were locked inside their home, garage or their spawn location was set home or garage, they couldn't get online at all. Unless they hit the RB button and joined a random job while the game 1st loads. Which did allow them to join whatever random job it found, after the match, they would be stuck in an endless load screen, or the perma-satellite view. Because they're locked out of their homes/garages.

For those who had a random spawn location, or their last location wasn’t in their home or garage, when ever they tried to walk inside their home or drive into their garage they would get stuck in an endless load screen/perma view of the garage door.

As you can imagine, which ever side of this bug you were on, it sucked pretty bad. This bug was devastating to multi-player and made it nigh impossible to play online. Having played heists for several days without a hitch, we knew right away that this bug wasn't associated with the heists, at least not entirely. So we tried to think about when it happened, and for all of us, one thing came to mind. Joining this new crew. It was the only change in our gameplay. So, just to see if it would help, two of us quit and sure enough, we were no longer locked in or out of our homes and garages. From then on out, online worked flawlessly.

So, for anyone out their still experiencing troubles with this. Perhaps you recently joined a crew? If so maybe change and see if it doesn’t resolve your problems.

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