Has anybody had entsperience in Spain? What was it like?

Awesome, hit me up when you're down here if you want to chill!I'm a 28 year old dude, I live in Moorpark, CA. It's northwest of the San Fernando Valley. It would be a half hour drive from Culver, but I have a friend or two out there also. Lot of film production and music folks out there. Lots of cool bars, Hollywood has great shows, I'd recommend checking out the Hollywood Bowl if you get the chance. My first concert ever was Radiohead there, blew my mind. I lived in Hollywood for a few years pursuing sound engineering work. It was super expensive, but a great time!

You will not be disappointed by the weed, I've had weed all over the USA and Los Angeles medical OG is the best I have ever had(including Colorado and Washington.) Specifically, the medical dispensaries on Ventura Blvd. Some of them have over 200 strains you can choose from and ipad menus with bars complete with fresh bongs and hot budtender girls loading bowls. You have to go to a doc and pay 60 bucks for a year long recomendation. Then you have access to every dispensary in California for a year, most of the places give out free gifts for first timers, so the do fee pays itself off quickly!

This trip will actually be my first time leaving America, my sister is an au pair(however it's spelled) over there in madrid and her doctor bosses(landlords) are taking off for holiday while I visit, looks like it will be a super nice house to get faded in without distraction or authority!

I was just reading that it's a six hour drive to Barcelona OR a 2.5 hour train ride from Madrid. Man, you guys(Europe) really got trains down. I've used public transport in Los Angeles one time in my life and it took forever to go a few miles!

I guess I have a layover in heathrow, so my first time in England(where my late grandparents are from) will be at the airport. I plan on seeing if they have some codeine for shits and giggles(banned in American pharmacies without prescription).

I'm Gary Fleshinger on Facebook. not my real name for professional reasons(always looking for a better job) hit me up if ya want to be friends!

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