32/Female/USA Looking for long term friendship, prefer girls

Sounds good, I'm pacific standard time and only available on weekends bc I work during the week and have little personality left at the end of the day. But I'm a compulsive writer,,email darlingwendyxoxo@gmail

This is going to be interesting, I've yet to make a friend online that isn't asking for a kik vid of me doing anal.

Just to let you know about me, I'm a 37 year old woman with ADD and SPD. I'm a nurse, worked in psych and somehow landed in pediatrics. Everyone laughed bc I had no experience with children and spent my life sounding like one of those reddit child free people. Discovered that children are not tiny people, children are more like animals than people. Which is cool, because I love animals so now I love kids. I had one myself, she is four. Her dad is a narcissist, but totally involved with himself so I'm free from him being involved. It was more of a sperm donation anyway.

I live in a tiny cabin, I read and write and those are my only hobbies except I sometimes crochet. I watch some tv but don't have a favorite episode. My interests are in politics and social issues, mostly bc those are the only things that get me kinda angry. I'll read and interact with people that make me angry. It's the easiest emotion I can muster, aside from making myself sad.

I have little experience speaking to women, have wanted to, a schizoid female would be my best bet bc I'm always afraid women think there is something off about me. Sometimes I wish I could get a "guy pass" for things, like Xmas and Thank you cards. What issues have you run in with being a female schizoid? I feel more male-like as far as gender roles but look too feminine for anyone to ever treat me like a male. I've always wished I was born male, not in a transgender sense but just for the perks of being male.

This weekend is good for skype, if you want to arrange a day and time. West coast time for me. :)

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