Anybody with "An conpendium of trick plays"

here's the link : of trick plays - Nihon Kiin.pdf

should be working but might have to delete the spaces between the words

let me know if it worked =)

I have a huge collection of go books in pdf here's the list . if you're interested in any of them let me know i'll be happy to help

30k-20k Study Book - Oliver Richman 36 stratagems applied to go - Ma Xiaochun A Beginner's Introduction To Go - John Bate All About Life and Death - Cho Chikun All About Thickness - Ishida Yoshio Appreciating Famous Games - Shuzo Ohira Basic Techniques of Go - Haruyama, Nagahara Breakthrough to Shodan - Naoki Miyamoto Chinese Opening - Kato Masao [incomplete] Compendium of trick plays - Nihon Kiin Dictionary of Basic Joseki - Ishida Yoshio Dictionary of Modern Fuseki - The Korean Style Elementary Go Series Enclosure Josekis - Takemiya Masaki Encyclopedia of Life and Death - Cho Chikun EZ-GO - Bruce Wilcox Get Strong Series [incomplete] Go - A complete introduction to the game - Cho Chikun Go for Beginners - Kaoru Iwamoto Graded Go Problems for Beginners - Kano Yoshinori How to handle Hamete - Yi Ch'ang-ho How to Play Against Stronger Players - Skai Michiharu Invincible - The Games Of Shusaku Kages Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go - Toshiro Kageyama Killer of Go - Sakata Eio Learn to Play Go Series Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go - Toshiro Kageyama Mastering the basics [incomplete] Metaphorical Go - Wilcox Bruce Modern joseki and fuseki - Sakata Eio [incomplete] On Your Side - Charles Matthews Opening Theory Made Easy - Otake Hideo Reducing Territorial Frameworks - Fujisawa Shuko River Mountain Go - Oliver Richman Shape Up! - Charles Matthews Strategic Concepts of Go - Yoshiaki Nagahara Tesuji - Lee ChangHo Tesuji and Antisuji of Go - Sakata Eio The 1971 Honinbo Tournament - Kaoru Iwamoto The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen - Go on Go The Art Of Go Series [incomplete] The Dang Hu Games - Jim Z Yu The Direction of Play - Takeo Kajiwara The Game of Go - Arthur Smith The Game Of Go - Matthew Macfadyen The Middle Game of Go - Sakata Eio The Second Book of Go - Richard Bozulich The Way to Go - Karl Baker Train like a pro - Sung-Rae Kim Vital Points of Go - Shukaku Takagawa Xuan Xuan Qijing - Fairbairn

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