Has anyone been to Seven Bays Bouldering in town? What did you think of it?

I went for my first time last Sunday with friend (he’s a regular). I don’t have much experience climbing, and I’m not fit. There were several other regulars there, and they were welcoming. Some people came alone. The trails (is that the correct word?) to climb up apparently changes every now and then. About half of them were doable for me (the ones on the right side of the wall, mainly), and they’re all different. There were a few in the middle in which you have to launch yourself several feet to grab the next piece to hold; these were particularly hard for me. The trails on the left are on an angle and made me realize I have, essentially, no upper-body strength. The trails with the smaller pieces where difficult for me to use (climbing shoe size: 14). We were entertained for a couple of hours. I'd do it again. Some parts of my body were sore for the next couple of days (I hike a lot but don’t use these particular muscles with this intensity all that often, apparently). IIRC, it cost $21 for the visit (that includes the shoe rental); there was an option to pay a few dollars more for a week pass (a promotion for first-timers).

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