Anyone else's server like this? I picked Mauraders... all tax rates are 'Extreme' as well.

We joined marauders too on launch day, and currently have only one territory. Covenant and syndicate have a pretty much even split.

A bunch of us made a big effort to take Everfall doing the world pvp quests, that lasted about 40 minutes before a swarm of covenant showed up and outnumbered us 4 to 1, shutting down our attempts to build influence.

We lost one of our two territories the other day and there was a ton of drama in chat over it. Me and my buddy got fed up and defected yesterday and noticed some others do the same thing.

There’s absolutely no reason to play on the underdog faction, you have no chance in world pvp, you’re missing out on amazing QOL perks like shared storage across your faction’s territories and cheaper fast travel, and you’re getting lower XP. Absolutely mind boggling oversight that AG didn’t include a mechanic to incentivize playing the underdog faction.

We’re not even playing on a big streamer server. People just aren’t going to join/stay on a faction that doesn’t hold any territories.

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