Has anyone encountered "beings" from the other side and not trusted them? Experience described.

You rather hear about some stupid masks than hear about omnipotent beings ?!!!!!!! JK

FWIW I never experienced any form of schizophrenia after taking anything before or after this, and I always had a very positive experience with every substance I took prior to this one, and had nothing but positive trips following this one.

I never really "saw" like an actual mask per se like just hanging out in my room. I just started to hear two distinctly clear but far away, eerie echo-y voices talking to themselves in my head, until they realized I could hear them in my thoughts, and they knew that I knew that they weren't just my regular thoughts, and they started teasing me as they made me experience pure dread and a pure feeling of being incomplete. Based off of the distinct voices, I sorta just knew exactly what these different voices in my head looked like, and I could see them but just in my thoughts. While I never would commit suicide, these voices and the sense of defeat they brought with them, made it seem like suicide was the only way to escape this feeling, and they were telling me I should kill myself because I'm not real anyway, and that it would be over quickly if I did do it. I knew it was just a bad trip so I just kept fighting and ignoring them, but the hour or so of me fighting these voices felt like like hours since it felt like time was slowed down, and my digital clock would take forever to go from 12:30 to 12:31. I was so filled with dread I couldn't even muster up enough strength to move off of my couch, and nothing I tried to snap out it but nothing I tried seemed to work, until after like an hour or so I played Flo-Ridas music video My House on my phone lol, and felt an incoming feeling of joy and celebration lol

But while it was a "bad" trip, I believe I got to experience what it would be like for individuals with mental disorders or are experiencing the nasty effects of CTE which has caused many NFL players to commit suicide. It was a hell like experience, but Now I'm sorta glad I did have this experience, since i believe I briefly experienced what these mental problems are actually like, and how terrible it would be if this was going on all the time, and why these people do need serious help.

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