Anyone get Space Cop yet?

My copy arrived this morning. But when I opened the box, the disc had a blank cover. I thought they were maybe trying to be deliberately b-movie ironic. So I put it on and there's muffled talking over a black screen. Like there was a physical sheet or cover over the camera as it was rolling. At this point I thought it was just a "le so bad it's good" introduction to the movie and that's when someone aggressively pulls the sheet or cover off the camera, there's that moment where the camera tries to adjust to light in what turns out to be a bedroom. Someone's picked up the camera at this point. There's a fuzziness and lack of focus and it's clearly not an expensive camera. Then the guy behind the camera starts swearing under his breath and it's clearly Mike. Distinctively so. There's a weird rapidness and heavy breathing in his voice and he's clearly drunk. He aimlessly zooms in and out on shit around the room. He finally corrects the zoom and contrast and he pans across to a bed. And Jessi is fucking sitting there wearing jeans, but topless. What the fuck? She looks coked up and like she's been crying cause there's smudges around her eyes that you can see even from where Mike is. Then suddenly he gets really vocal and starts saying all this racist shit and he makes her repeat it. She doesn't seem into it at first but she's clearly getting horny. And then out of nowhere, and I'll never forget this, I hear this weird but immediately recognisable noise of a guy jacking off. Mike directs the camera down to his cock and he's shaking and the camera's shaking and he's just jacking his uncut cock as he makes Jessi keep saying this shit to him. Then it just stopped.

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