Aphantasia – being blind in the mind’s eye – may be linked to more cognitive functions than previously thought. People with aphantasia reported a reduced ability to remember the past, imagine the future, and even dream

I have aphantasia, and yes, I don't dream, but my memory works great (I think). When it comes to stories I've read or conversations I've had my memory is very reliable. I just don't remember things the same way as other people.

I can't "see" someone's face in my mind, but I can build a sort of logical understanding of all the various components that make up their face (long nose, narrow eyes, bushy eyebrows... etc). The same for all my memories of the past. As for the future.. when I think of the future I usually think in terms of things I want to accomplish, I don't like picture the house I want to buy in my mind or anything... Do other people do that?

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