Dallas continues to show out. 6/28/2020

Meanwhile two young people just this week died in Rockwall near Dallas. One male 29 died from blood clots and a stroke from Covid and another from blood clots age about 35. My friend who is a Doctor for Covid at the hospital in Houston said they are slammed with young people in the ICU today. This is a tragedy that our people have been mislead to how serious and dangerous it is to be in these types of crowds right now in Texas. It seems we have a pretty serious strain of the virus and the ICU is at or near capacity. The next 2-5 weeks is going to a slaughter. Covid usually puts you in the hospital 3-4 weeks after exposure and 4-5 weeks till death. I know there was an article that stated Houston had a more serious strain of Covid. Sad. I blame the news and our leaders for downplaying it, I honestly don’t think people would be out there if the serious nature of this virus was presented to them, or maybe I’m wrong. A simple surgical type mask or bandana mask is still risky business. No eye protection for the mucous membranes of the eyes is also how risky. The virus is also to small in particulate size to stand up to prolonged mask use with moisture and the forceful yelling and shouting projecting the virus right through a simple mask there not an N95 grade mask. How is this first world problems?

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