Apparently only “sluts” are [email protected]

I'm Indian too and I agree that the statement is factually true. But when people from western countries say that, it also usually carries the implication that their country is normal while India is unsafe. Like the commenter in the screenshot saying they'd believe rape victims in a country like India where rape is common. Like rape isn't as common elsewhere. So yeah the statement itself isn't racist, agreed. It's only racist if they're being comparative imo.

I will say that India may be unsafe but it didn't affect me in day to day life as much as it does here. I've had to change so many of my behaviors and routines since moving here. I've had to start carrying pepper spray, always get someone to walk me to my car in the parking lot when I leave work after dark, remember to keep my drinks covered at bars, have a friend with me every time I have to go for an early morning run, keep my keys in my hand while walking alone at night, and like a whole bunch of other stuff. All prompted because of unfortunate incidents. None of which I ever did before moving here and I lived in India till I was 25. I'm thinking about it all the time here, its frankly exhausting.

So I always take issue with anyone trying to imply the US is somehow less unsafe. It's not. It's just different unsafe.

There are differences in how that lack of safety present between the two countries. There are also a number of factors that greatly affect the risk of abuse/assault within both countries - your resources, whether you're a minority in terms of race/religion/caste, where you live etc.

Absolutely spot on!

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