As I approach the end of OB I am beginning to think of the role Adolin will play going forward.

I think BS has a ton of options with the character of Adolin. It's hard to pin down what he has in mind. Ultimately we will have to RAFO. But it seems like at some point in the story Dalinar is going to die. And probably Jasnah too. Which would then make him the king of Alethkar. Being king while married to a Radiant while not being one himself would be an interesting approach. Of course the most natural conclusion is that he becomes an edgedancer based on the limited information we have so far. But i also think there is room for some major plot twist with him as well which could come in many different forms. Will he become Odiums champion? Or will he develop the resolve to do what is right and become the best example of a radiant that has ever lived? The stonewards were the first to turn on the radiants because of the truth they found out right? They were scared their power would consume them and cause destruction of yet another world. Adolin growing in his resolve to not be afraid of his power but using it for what is right and encouraging all of Roshar to resist Odium seems to me like an amazing story.

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