Why are ex vegans always so hostile towards veganism?

No idea. I was a vegan pastry chef for a few years back in New York, I love vegan cooking and am mostly a vegetarian because I just don’t like most meat. If I had the wherewithal and stamina to keep up with it I would. I lived in Vermont a while and it was easier to be vegan there, as I had a lot of choices as far as eating out and groceries mainly produce. I’m in Arizona now and good luck to me, because vegan restaurants are scarce and produce isn’t grown anywhere near here so it’s hard. New York, easy. I lived In the Bay Area a while and it was easy there too, lots of farmers markets and lots of choices. But I’m not angry at anyone who is a strict vegan - that’s just odd. I guess these people thought they’d instantly become healthier and didn’t so they’re angry I don’t know.

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