Are US laws / branches of government really controlled by private corporations like Amazon?

I've worked in politics off and on for two decades. Reps aren't owned by corporations per say. Rather, they are in a continuous campaign cycle of high stakes fundraising, so they are spending the majority of their time looking for money instead of crafting policy. Many lobbyists like General Motors, as the previous example, or a think tank like the Heritage Foundation will offer the time, money and lawyerly skills to craft the policy for reps that favors that politicians, who are too busy dialing for dollars, can easily introduce and just happens to favor that influencing group. Keep in mind that only a handful of reps are able to find the time to actually read through the bills they vote on. The Citizen's United SCOTUS victory was a big win for money equalling voice in government.

If you want to see how it all works, check out They will show you how much corporations are bidding on each representative, just like NASCAR decals. Here's Joe Manchin for example

Check out how the collective members of Enterprise Product Partners (a midstream energy provider) donated 129k to his 2022 campaign fund. As an unaffiliated private WV citizen, you could have only donated 2.9k. His senate seat race was worth a $18.6 million fight. The 2025 race for his seat will be more expensive. Who is going to have his ear in the never ending campaign race? Most other reps are running similar careers.

Money runs the political machine through the same well connected hands, wether red or blue. In the cacophony of voices, the more money you have, the louder the voice, but not a sure gone conclusion, as some have made small individual contributions the backbone of their campaigns.

And just as Winston was surprised that O'Brien had a hand in Goldstein's book, the blue and red sides work together happily in overseas elections on behalf of GM, Coca Cola, Raytheon, etc. Indeed, Paul Manafort ran successful Ukrainian election campaigns with Democratic ad makers and Republican polsters (GOP storytelling doesn't convince anyone outside America LOL).

I find the GOP support for Donald Trump being the greatest example of money buying voice. Being cheered on for being a self made independent and not being 'bought off' as virtue was shocking. The Trump Organization literally put the executive branch in its portfolio. Money has deeply warped the democratic processes into a reality elimination game. The wealthier you are, the more you are going to win. People need to vote against money any chance they get.

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