Why are sex offenders obligated to inform their neighbors about their crimes, but not murderers or kidnappers?

I was in Texas for a football game this year (I'm from Canada) and got kinda drunk in a park and decided to pee under a bridge. Apparently that's a big time no go in texas and the cop I didn't see was nice enough to threaten me with the pedophile list and jail time before he sent me on my way. I definitely got the feeling that being white is the only reason I didn't get arrested and he definitely was looking for me to start conflict. I have dealt with police a number of times in Canada and have never seen one put his hand on a gun talking to someone with their dick out before lol. I have had cops literally just walk by as your smoking a joint taking a piss behind the bar no big deal, I am aware that my dealings with Canadian police are likely to go better for me then some people because young white men seem to get off easy. It was a really surreal and honestly terrifying situation and I definitely will never pee not in a bathroom on U.S. soil again so their loss I guess lol

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