Aside from the whole roster stuff, I really hope TSM reevaluates how they want to play the game

What do you even mean? Are you seriously gonna act like TSM isn't the face of sit around do nothing and lose strat? It's like all of you want to sit around and blame any problems we have as either inevitable or unlucky. The ONLY time we can say we didn't sit around and do nothing was when we were stacked af with talent when we had Doublelift. Just mass downvote anybody that says otherwise. Acting like we had just a synergy problem for an entire year with nothing but 3 seasoned vets who have played on top teams for years, one of the best looking NA top laners, and one rookie. And we didn't look at all like any improvement was taking place until the gauntlet in summer. And that was so short lived who knows if it was just a few good games.

Now I'm starting to think our 2017 roster was the worst thing that could've happened to us because now everyone sits around and points fingers at it like "Look look see we did good we dont have fundamental issues". No dude the roster was stacked af and only one other team was even close. Even the finals we won with that team we literally won the final match off of a team fight that the team sat around and waited and then reacted to. That's all we do all the time.

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