Will we have a worlds draw reaction video?

If you ask when Riot is releasing their champ then I'd think you haven't done your research because they pretty much tell us when because its by patch and they tell us when patches are released a la patch notes and various website that collect and post about PBE/upcoming changes. Sure you are probably still curious but you wouldn't ask that on the main sub right?

By asking this sub about a potential reaction video, you assume that we as the community has an answer. We don't. We can only guess. The only person that can answer is Dunc but he doesn't reply to most of these questions. Which is why in my honesty opinion, asking yes-or-no questions about things the community has almost no knowledge of is kinda pointless. Sure it may bring up a few responses or comments but no one is gonna be able to give you a definitive answer unless the team/players has said so. (Treatz did kind of react on Twitter btw). Nothing has come out from the team about it so the only thing we can do is wait.

I am making generalizations, yes, because its a common theme I see around on the sub. If I offended you because you may be included in this generalization, then I apologize but its a complaint that I see consistently in this sub. Someone yesterday was saying that TSM doesn't produce enough content and that people wouldn't complain if TSM produced more. Before I commented on it, it had like +10 upvotes. They even imply that so many people complain about the "lack of content". There's one guy who agrees with that person too.

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