Attention:Excuse my bad eyeliner job. I tried to do a veeery soft cut creasy like eye makeup, using a light brown in the crease and a pale pink in the middle, i know I have a lot to work on but what do you think?

I see you there! Very subtle and natural color choices like yours are extra difficult to photograph. I think that you've got a solid start there, and some great eyelid space to work with. The light brown shade you chose is a very nice transition shade for a cut crease, and I agree with some of the other commenters that you could choose a darker brown shade (it doesn't have to be much darker if you're keeping the look light and natural for daytime) and a smaller brush to really make the cut stand out.

And liner. Keep adjusting your technique. Change how close to the tip you hold the wand, how much pressure you use to apply, how you anchor your hand to your face (pinky finger or side of your hand resting on your cheek to steady your hand) , what angle you tilt your chin at so that you can see your lid in the mirror while applying. Practice making strokes on the back of your hand while holding it up at eye level to figure out the right pressure needed for the specific formula you're working with. Practice practice practice and that muscle memory will develop!

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