Loki S01E04 - Discussion Thread


I really got hyped when Sif came up, but then when I found out that it was a time loop. At least she came back for the cameo, I supposed. Can't wait to show my mother, she's been dyingto see her since Shield and our Thor Marathon recently!

I had a gut feeling that says Hunter C-20 isn't really dead or crazy, she's just in a bad state of mind. Keep in mind, I'm writing this after watching 16 minutes of it, and I really liked the fact Loki felt emotional seeing Slyvie be taken by the time keepers.

I wish the little girl was a different Variant rather than Slyvie because to me, it was a waste of time. They were already going to tell us, but I guessed they wanted to confirm it was her. Or just let it be a another random person. I do wonder why she was in Asgard when she was captured, I hope Loki finds out so we'll get the truth.

I LOVE LOKI/TOM'S HAIR FLIPS!! IT DRIVES ME INSANSE, LOL!, I want more Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, is that too much to ask?

Overall, great 16 minutes of an episode and I really enjoyed as usual. 8/10.

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