Why So Many Young Men in South Korea Hate Feminism

I agree with your points regarding the rise of toxic feminism being big no-no and how young males can absolutely feel aggrievement in today's Korea especially considering their forced military conscription and the idea that they are still looked at as needing to be the housebearer which in today's Korea is an impossible dream at the best of times.

However regarding the support of young males for the current president- all recent polls for over a year or more as well as the recent local elections paint a clear dichotomy.

Yes- overall the youth are turning their back on the current president but there has been a striking gap in how the genders stack up on this support. It's like 85%+ males against while female support in their 20's has declined only a little so it is fair to say that there is big gender gap there and it needs to be emphasized. Young males are turning their backs on the current admin wayy more than their female counterparts.

I am also going to hazard an assumption that the majority of Korean people on Korea reddit are males as opposed to females thus your comment is of course getting a lot more support on here than it would on a female dominated forum.

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