New to drumming, few questions about drums, books and Drumeo

If the kit is functional don’t worry about upgrading, just playing is the most important thing. Get in person lessons, absolutely nothing is as good as this. A teacher will have you holding the sticks correctly, give you a linear guide to learning that will gradually expand on ability and concepts, and will correct mistakes you don’t know you are making. The problem with being ‘self taught’, and by that I mean learning through videos and books, is you don’t know if you are doing it correctly, and maybe not understand the purpose of what you are doing. I’m sure people will chime in saying they are self taught and very good, and all the greats that ‘just played’, but the reality is for the majority of us, structured lessons will have us playing better, faster. Short version - If your kit works don’t worry about upgrading, and get in person lessons from a good teacher.

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