Audience reaction Z/G placing below D/S

And for D/S this could surely ruin their careers in the same way it ruined Sotnikova’s. The fan reaction could be so detrimental to them as a team and their development. It’s a shame because they do have potential, it’s just not their time yet.

Exactly. I think the way this is going could become an even bigger PR disaster than Sotnikova's 2014 OGM. Almost definitely an Olympic team gold medal and perhaps an individual medal is on the horizon for D/S with this current content. After that, I believe it would be very difficult for them to continue skating and their competitive careers while trying to avoid public outcry. And that is a shame bc although, objectively speaking, they are not at the top of their field, they still have plenty of room to develop. With a couple of seasons' work, I think they can win international medals without the need for the Eteri bonus.

So, it is unfair for everyone in the ice dance field and for D/S themselves. I would never want to be in that position if I was RusFed, wasting and stunting the growth of their own talents.

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