August 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic megathread

Yea when I posted this I was concerned that I did not actually know the definition of vaccine and only understood it as the societally accepted definition. So when I googled it and it said immunity I took that to mean immunity. But it’s more important to me to have the real information than a general understanding so thanks for giving me more knowledge. So do you think it would help society to prevent the ignorance I just displayed. If you say vaccine means immune and then the vaccine doesn’t make you immune it leads to confusion because immune means 100%. So using immune is misleading right? They should just say a vaccine makes it 90 something percent less likely to get it and then anti vaccine people wouldn’t say “your lying” when vaccinated people can still get it? By using a broad term to communicate to the masses it leaves cracks for people to twist in their favor, rather than just saying vaccines don’t make you immune(100%) they just make you almost all the way safe. That way when they are as effective as they are there’s no suspicion that somebody’s lying. Also did the previous vaccines also make it possible that you can carry and transfer the sickness like you can with this one or was that just “fake news” that vaccinated people can still carry enough viral load to transfer. I’m not being sarcastic or tricky in any way just trying to get info from a person rather than a long confusing google search

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