Average Canadian family spending more on taxes than basic necessities, Fraser Institute says

There are a lot of assumptions about my personal beliefs there, no idea how you decided all about me based on me not liking your sad old-people argument. Also, I assumed 60% is a combined Federal-Provincial rate - but as I said, I wasn't personally engaging in that particular point of discussion.

If you made me the Federal leader tomorrow, I would personally lower taxes on the $44k -$89-138k (the 22% and 26% Fed brackets) as I believe that the middle class will spend and drive the economy. I would also lower the small business tax rate. The funny thing about tax rates is that you can do that while increasing large corporate rates and high income personal rates. How you want to define high income is an option too - I always found it a bit regressive that the highest bracket kicks in at $138k. Someone living in a large city (the likeliest place to make that income) probably does not feel equal to the top 1% of Canadians even if that is how they are treated. The issue an actual political party would have is how high you have to make those upper brackets to offset the tax revenue I lost giving money back to the lower/middle classes - over $200k is less Canadians than you think. I would get more Corporate taxes revenue too, but there is a maximum amount you can raise corporate taxes before you make your jurisdiction unattractive. Note though: we are nowhere near that right now - lowest in the G8. I hope my personal views on tax policy were enlightening, LOL.

Also, if, as you say, everyone who leans left is greedy, than I could just as easily say that everyone who leans right is selfish and of an "I got mine, fuck you and fuck society" mentality. But I find that is a rather simplistic way to look at things.

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