First let me say that I do not see this as being a terrible thing for the game as some are saying.

What I do want to say is that the proposed order is way out of whack.

First the starter features: LA does not need to be given right away but Engineer does. Engineer is the most played class for far more people than LA, and for very good reasons (repairing vehicles, ammo, turrets). The Sunderer must also be a starter thing and their use encouraged, as it is vital for fights to gain any traction in an offense. Outfit creation should also be given right off the bat - I would have been ridiculously frustrated and disenchanted with the game if I had had any delay setting up my own. You also will hopefully foster new outfits with new leaders right on Koltyr, recruiting other fresh faces to their cause. Sure many of these will die, but some friendships will be made and it is these friendships that keep people playing MMOs.

Aside from that everything unique (all but load out slots suggested) should be available for use before new guys get off Koltyr, with most unlocked before BR10 so they have chance to use it - the only thing new about the main continents should be the scale of the fights, and the experience of the players they face.

Just quickly I would go for: Starter: HA, Medic, Engy classes, Flash and Sunderer vehicles, grenade, melee and outfit creation. BR2: Weapon attachments BR3: Defense and Suit slot BR4: Utility slots BR5: MAX, Infil, LA BR6: Valk, Gal BR7: ESF, Lightning, Harasser BR8: Lib, MBT BR9: Implants and nano cycler BR10: Leadership Certs

My reasoning with having the weapon attachments and slots unlocking first is it encourages the player to start certing down a very useful path first - the most useful classes and also into the ever useful Sunderer, encouraging right out the door to push for team play rather than the solo friendly LA class that we all first spawned into.

The other vehicles I put later on as the game is primarily infantry focused (at least right now) and vehicles while useful are often not massively so and we don't want people spawn camping and sitting in tanks twiddling their thumbs when they could be fighting through the excellently designed Koltyr bases.

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