BBG offlines OMG again

Seth you really must enjoy being upset. We tried reaching out to you multiple times in order to have you get in touch with your friends to end the war.

I absolutely meant what I said concerning our desire to befriend them and help them as they are new players.

Some of our members went and finished the war the only way they knew how when they couldn't get anything out of you or your friends in OMG. Many of us conversed with admins and the conclusion was that either OMG ended the war or we would have to go in and finish it.

I'm personally down to hook OMG up with a bunch of materials and weapons to make up for their losses at least somewhat.

I'm sorry for your friends and I'm sorry you are upset.

We aren't the big bad wolf you are determined to make us out to be. You seem to have been upset since the night we killed you at the Dome. Perhaps you should relax and enjoy the Holidays.

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