Becoming a social worker with a criminal record?

Unfortunately the charge I am concerned about is that I did assault a peace officer while resisting arrest and I do suspect that'll a significant impact onto what is available to me; however, I am more than willing to put the effort in and I am open to various positions in order to further my goal of doing as much good as possible. I know that working with children is off the table and I understand and respect that, I spent a bit of time in Northern Ontario seeing first hand the hell that are Indigenous reserves and helping people in positions such as those really resonates with me. In saying that, I notice you said "we're seeing a ton of burn out," are there any positions you can suggest to me outside of Social Work that I should look into? My goal is to do as much good as possible and while I recognize I would excel within business or even IT, I just can't feel it in my soul that that's what I was really meant, or what I need to do. Thanks for your response it is appreciated.

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