Being fat is fabulous, in other news being fat will kill you

My father sexually abused me as a child. One of his many ways of finding the time to do it in a family situation was to take me “sweetie camping” every summer. We would go to the lakes, walk up some easy hills, he would rape me and then ply me with sugar throughout the trip until it felt like consuming or not consuming food was some sort of game that could win me freedom for the night or lose it. Then afterwards he would let me eat whatever I wanted as some sort of ‘reward’. This is probably the cause of my binge-eating disorder and my obesity. I despise being fat. Society hates you if you are fat and when you grow up with a parent who only shows you conditional love you desire society to like you so obviously I wanted to be thin. Binge. Eating. Disorder. Is. Not. A. Choice.

Now i can see from your ignorance that you’ve probably lead a very cushy life but if you could spare a moment why don’t you try to imagine being in my childhood. Why don’t you try seeing a cookie as some sort of game or reward. Why don’t you try imagine your parent raping you and see how far you get. Chances are your mind won’t even let you go there. Then imagine the ‘hunger games’ I was meant to play on top of that. Your attitude is born out of denial and you should be ashamed that you’ve let that denial make you leave bitchy comments about eating disorders.

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