BF (28M) admitted I (25F) am not pretty.

And your done.

Lass, I am no one's Brad Pitt. I am over 40, I am carrying more weight than I should. Last night my wife walked up behind me, hugged me while I was cooking. When I asked here what was up, she told me 'Nothing, just wanted to hug my handsome man'.

Just because this cruel arsehole wants to hurt you doesn't mean that you need to let him. He doesn't find you attractive, he doesn't compliment you, he wants to sniff around other women. Bollocks to him. Out there is someone that will worship you, just for being you. Will love you, just for being you. Will see their life light up just because you are in it.

Beyond all that, you need to accept who you are. Love yourself. Love your good parts and your flaws. Be kind to yourself.

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