Bianca Belair is The Future of WWE/Wrestling and Should've Been NXT Champion

to be fair her being a nxt champion doesn’t really matter Alexa Bliss was never a nxt champion and she’s been booked in a title feud almost her whole main roster career so far barring injuries and Becky Lynch was never nxt champion and she’s wwe’s biggest women’s star ever

And I agree she can be the future but I don’t think she’s quite ready to be up there with Asuka and Charlotte on raw but she should be on raw almost every week Main event is fine some weeks because people like Andrade Murphy and Billie Kay were on there recently and there on raw every week

Put her in a feud vs Natalya give her a win vs a veteran and a well respected veteran could do her big imo I feel like putting her in a feud vs Charlotte or Asuka were she wouldn’t win would not help building her up right now

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