Big N Discussion - January 27, 2019

Hey guys, really need advice ...

I applied to a 2019 full time software engineering role at Google, and I was recently sent a coding test as part of the first stage in the interview process. I have yet to complete it, and there is a deadline by which it must be done.

I’m feeling a bit anxious now because I just found out I may not be able to start working in 2019, as my graduation plans have suddenly changed.

If I don’t attempt the coding test by the deadline, my application is voided, and I am worried that I will not pass the resume round again the next time I apply. (Is this an unreasonable fear? If I passed the resume screening once, is it likely I will pass it in a few months when I apply again for a 2020 role?)

If I do attempt it, I, for one, risk the chance of failing it and cannot continue in the process. (And am also concerned that previously failed coding samples will affect future applications).

If I attempt it and pass, I am not sure what can happen. Will the recruiter work with me to schedule an interview when I am ready, or do I have to start all over in the interview process?

Any advice will be much appreciated.

I understand these questions might be out of scope for this sub. I believe a recruiter is the best person to ask about this, but the person I am in contact with right now does not exactly hold that sort of position, and I am concerned that these questions are not appropriate for him. Plus, with the deadline approaching, I am not certain I will get a meaningful response in time. I sincerely hope anybody who has gone through this process before can offer insight.

Thanks a lot

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