Biggest insight

We may have to just live our lives with slightly different values.

Of course, we're just talking subjectively here, not quantifying what we mean as hurt feelings or setting standards for how to determine what is and isn't truth. Secular meditation is just a self improvement practice anyway. Buddhism has an ethical system (sometimes violated by Buddhist monks); "meditation" doesn't.

I don't think hurt feelings are always temporary, I don't think "I don't mind hurting people with the truth" is necessarily a reasonable statement, I don't feel that what seems like the truth in a moment of anger is always the truth, there is no obligation to vocalize everything that is the truth even if you do have it right (indeed, where would you start, at the big bang?), even uncomfortable truths can often be expressed without creating hurt, and causing hurt feelings usually just creates a cycle of anger and mutual attempts to hurt each others' feelings before the problem can be resolved, whereas an approach that doesn't hurt feelings is often more efficient as well as in tune with various ethical systems.

I apologize for seeming to argue. I would like to ask a favor. If you choose to reply would you mind not claiming that I said anything I didn't say? Just say "I don't agree with you" if you don't, which is fine. Basically, I don't think we disagree much and I want to let you close it off and wind it down with mutual respect.

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