The billionaire space race is a glut of waste and ego

Maybe you confuse me for someone who gives a frick wtf you think about me.

I don't. Not one iota.

It's not my job to help you understand the world. If you don't quite get it, and don't want to see the reality that's on you. Quit hassling me about it. I'm not your enemy. What's your problem? Why are you so mean?

I'm just here saying what I think. You can listen, you can not. You can forget what I have to say once you're done. Say what you think.

Don't show me disrespect as you are doing. You don't want to discourse. You don't want to exchange ideas. It's obvious your only goal and motivation is to attack, to hurt. To be right. For me to be wrong. Just so you can win. You don't even want to argue.

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