Bitcoin actually has one pretty big flaw: it's not user friendly for blind people.

Bitcoin, to me, seems like a step up for blind people: screenreaders are a thing.

A blind person can verify the software they are downloading, then use that software to verify all of their interactions with Bitcoin, as long as that software is screen-reader friendly.

Paper money in many places has braille, but faking notes would be even easier if you were trying to fool a blind person. Digital fiat (debit/credit cards) are even worse, because no shop has point-of-sale accessibility.

Think about the checkout experience of a blind person for a second.

With a debit card, the person at the checkout tells them a number, the blind person has to trust that person, and use their card to pay. They could be paying any amount.

With Bitcoin, the person at the checkout tells them a number, and guides them to a QR code to scan. The blind person enters the payment number themselves, and doesn't have to trust the store. Sure, the employee could give them the wrong QR code, but that's a problem for the shop, not the customer.

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