What are your thoughts on Cluster B Disorders in the larger social scale? Is it possible that these disorders are far more pervasive than statistically represented?

I believe you. I am conscious of the mislabeled use without diagnosis, and try not to for that very reason. This post is hopefully trying to dig deeper into the real diagnostic evidence, but taking into account the real issue of non-diagnosed cases as well. It’s clear to me that someone in for example: the cluster B spectrum would never get officially diagnosed for various reasons. “Doesn’t need help”, “avoidance”, etc.

It’s astonishing that people can ask questions like that in public forums, but haven’t done the personal research required to find the answer. Things are quite different from the way they used to be, and I’m almost certain that social media plays a large role in perpetuating these behaviours on a large social scale.

For example. A young, weak minded individual sees narcissistic behaviours as something to strive for based on the dynamics of the issue. So the trend becomes to imitate those behaviours to climb the social ladder.

This is just my humble opinion, but it seems like we’re at a kind of tipping point. Where we need to educate people on the realities of the destruction these behaviours can cause to not only themselves but others as well.

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