Dude you just made my point. Many people do not own nor are they as familiar with a computer. And when did I bash new technology? You are hearing what you want. I made the point using examples from my past work that this gap can cause difficulties when say people apply for apartments because they don't even know what a pdf is and get frustrated.

Someone (me) says they have relatively common and surprising (to me) experience with alot of people in their early 20s having a gap in knowledge and I'm a boomer for acknowledging it? Ok. Case in point, it's ironic that OP doesn't realize that fax is still used in most offices...and with the advent of digital fax to email is actually pretty useful.

I think its alot of you that live in a bubble and don't like to hear something that doesn't confirm your own experiences.

Lol and "my own kind". Please - this generational title bullshit is something that was created for boomers. You acting like I belong to some generation as if it's a club. Acknowledging that some people are not as well educated with regard to technology as others shouldn't be this controversial. Kind of shows how limited of experience you have working with the public.

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